In 2013, Ghada graduated with a BA in Early Childhood Education from the Lebanese American University. Later that year she got married, moved to Dubai and there she worked as a class teacher before becoming a stay-at-home mother in 2016. She dedicated all her time for her two daughters and tried to apply her teaching techniques at home to make every day a fun learning experience. She is a firm believer that the early years are responsible for shaping whom a person becomes and therefore takes every opportunity to boost her kids’ self-confidence and widen their horizons. This inspired her to write her first book “Girls Don’t Play Basketball” to encourage kids to follow their passion. As a former child protection officer at her workplace, Ghada is mostly concerned about raising children in a healthy environment and nurturing them not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically. Through her book, she indirectly emphasizes the importance of a healthy and open relationship with parents/caregivers. She wishes to inspire parents to enjoy spending more time with their kids and to realize the massive effect it has on their upbringing.