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Picture books are short stories that use beautiful illustrations to capture the attention of young children. We all had our own favourites when we were kids ourselves, and even as adults, we still enjoy sharing these same stories with our children.

But what is a picture book exactly?

To describe it in the simplest way, a picture book is usually a short story aimed at children, using vivid and imaginative illustrations to capture a child’s attention and intrigue.

They leave a lasting impression on young minds and are often remembered well into adulthood. There is nothing quite like seeing a child’s reaction to the beautiful illustrations that enhance the story in the book, helping little readers to spark their imaginations, and inspire them to learn and grow.

I have an idea for a picture book…

Every great picture book begins with a great story. It can be fun, inspirational, or full of cuteness. A story worth telling is a wonderful thing. We receive many requests from people who have written stories for their friends or family. Often, parents write stories for their children. These stories are sometimes based on real events, such as a parent helping their little one learn the duas of going to the bathroom. One such book, titled 'No More Nappies,' is about a parent who is on the potty training journey with their child, using this time as an opportunity to teach duas and Sunnah practices. The point is, any story that means something to you is always worth telling!

How do you go about creating the illustrations?

We work with so many lovely manuscripts from all around the world to bring our clients stories to life, and here are some of the questions we ask ourselves before beginning work on any project!

What style will suit the story of this book?

Does the story flow across the pages easily?

Is each page going to capture the reader’s attention?

How do we compliment the story with the illustrations?

When starting a picture book, the Little Hibba team always reads the story in full a number of times to help her build up ideas. We then create some rough sketches and we send them over to the client to ensure that they are happy with the development. We will also send a detailed plan of the layout for the book, so you can get a good idea right from the start of how it will look!

What happens after the illustrations? How do I get my picture book published?

This is a question we get asked a lot. Self publishing is a great journey, and helps you learn and grow over the years. It is a journey though, there will be highs and there will be lows, but you must keep coming back, and keep going. These days there are a lot of tools at your disposal that can make this process easier. We are trying to build a community of self publishing authors, so you won't ever feel like you are on your own!

Alternatively, Little Hibba does offer a premium service.

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Little Hibba has been creating children's picture books for the last 12 years. We have developed a wide range of distinct and varied styles, which allow us to create many different kinds of beautiful and high quality children's books!

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